When anxiety and belief systems are rooted in traumas, it can be particularly challenging.

After trying many approaches to help me overcome destructive patterns, NLP coaching provided me lasting results and continues to do so.

I have helped hundreds of women all around the world (South Africa, Zimbabwe, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Australia) do the same through NLP coaching. Those patterns included obstacles in their personal relationships, their sense of identity, how they managed their work and even behavioural traits like perfectionism, OCD and patterns of over achieving or self sabotage – which can lead to overwhelm.

Coaching is a designed alliance between coach and client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you – The Client.

I believe that we all inherently know the answers to every question or challenge we may have in our lives, even if those answers appear to be obscured or concealed.

Using a series of tools developed and tailored especially for each client, I work at uncovering and eliminating obstructive thinking and behavioural patterns helping you realise the best version of yourself. This is supported by combining lessons and healing approaches from the Sunnah and Qur’aan into our sessions.

This solution focused approach to personal development is aimed at helping you make positive and lasting changes in your life.

Adding NLP to that, gives you formidable solutions to your problems. I’m a Master NLP Practitioner. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) , in simpler terms, is retraining the brain into healthier, productive and positive thinking patterns. I have also taken a keen interest in trauma and its affect on the nervous system. My academic journey has not ended. I continue to learn to add more value to my own life and that of my clients.

My question to you…. Are you ready to unlock the Jewels of your mind and thrive now?


You’ll have a safe space with the liberty to share openly, without the fear of being judged or criticized. Our sessions are strictly confidential.

Sessions are either conducted face to face at my office in Sandton or via video call using any platform you’re most comfortable with.

And the best part is; I have payment options to suit your needs. #Score

Packages for individuals

Amethyst 1 session package

R 600

This package is perfect if you’ve done coaching already and want to re-align. Or maybe you just want a quick brainstorming session to help you unpack thoughts more urgently before investing in a more comprehensive package.

Emerald 4 session package

R 2 200

This is the package for anyone who has done some inner work already, but needs a bit of refining. If you’re struggling with anxiety, limiting beliefs, accomplishing your goals, this package will help you towards the success you seek.

Sapphire 6 session package

R 3 200

If you haven’t yet done any inner work, this is the ideal package for you. We’ll explore the obstacles holding you back from unlocking the jewels of your mind. It could be debilitating anxiety, unhelpful responses, flimsy boundaries, poor communication or just a general feeling of overwhelm.

Diamond 8 session package

R 4 200

If you have deep rooted trauma, addicted to drama or any other addictive personality, if you want to heal your mind, body and soul, this Diamond Package is for you. Unlike the other packages, the time this package offers, allows us to thoroughly dig deep and consolidate the behaviours, responses and reactions that are no longer serving you to enable you to thrive.

Packages for couples

Rose Quartz 1 session package

R 1 000

As a couple, you may just need this session to tweak your communication, or find the right tool for better conflict management. What ever your specific needs are as a couples, this Rose Quartz Package can be the building block to the relationship you envision.

Rose Quartz Deluxe 6 session package

R 5 000

As a couple, you may find yourselves stuck in a predictable cycle – “a rut” some people call it. You’ve come into your marriage with a whole lot of baggage and there’s no space to unpack. This Diamond Package is for any couple that wants to create deeper intimacy (and that’s not just sexual, I’m suggesting emotional intimacy), better communication, healthier conflict resolution and understanding how to support each other in the most wholesome way.

Public speaking

Public speaking hourly rate


With my passion for Muslim women empowerment and youth development, you may find my unique approach to self empowerment and mindfulness perfect to address your audience.

As a life coach, I strive to offer a solution focused approach to navigating through specific objectives for your event.

Combining my skills and tailoring a package especially for the requirements of your school, organization or event, I engage the audience to challenge their thinking about being the best version of themselves, reflecting on the Sunnah and Qur’aan.

Having over 20 years of experience in the media industry (from TV to radio to print), has cultivated my skills to improvise, read a crowd and engage with them accordingly.

Success Stories

Educational and spiritually healing

Umme Yusuf

I started my healing journey with Sister Jo'hara at a time in my life where my self esteem and worth was so compromised due to my experience of domestic abuse in my marriage. Sister Jo'hara and I (during our sessions) worked on my negative emotions and assisted me with self supporting mechanisms to deal with both positive and negative emotions and Alhamdulliah my self esteem increased and I'm on the path to becoming the best version of myself .
Sessions with Jo'hara was so much fun, educational and spiritually healing as well.
Jo'hara accommodated all my needs during our sessions.
JazakAllah Jo'hara I'm so grateful to you

Truly unlocking the Jewels of the Mind


I had such a transformational experience working with Jo’Hara. She unlocked a part of me that lay latent. A part of me that was buried in the reality of this dunyah. It now means I can journey through this life more authentically and with purpose. My goals and values are more clear, Alhamdulilah. Truly unlocking the jewels of the mind.

Wonderful lady and her energy is definitely contagious

Naseerah Jadwat

I always remember you in my duas. I learnt so much from our sessions.
You've opened my mind up to making many shifts mentally and emotionally.
Soo much has changed since our sessions.
I've really realized how strong I am and truly unstoppable

Breath of fresh air

Zaahida Joel

Working with Jo'hara was a breath of fresh air at a difficult time in my life when I felt like I was hitting a brick wall. She has such a positive and energetic outlook, helping you acknowledge your wins - like your own fun and bubbly personal cheerleader. Yet so gently, lovingly and subtly, steering you in a direction to notice your own shortfalls, like a caring mother - there is none of that "have to be cruel to be kind" treatment if that doesn't work for you! In this time I have learnt so many new tools to assess and be aware of certain behaviours, and I always leave my coaching sessions feeling closer to Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala, more grateful and excited to be accountable to myself, and ready to make improvements in my life.

Life enhancing

Anonymous- Vereeniging

When Allah (swt) said "you come to me walking and I'll come to you running " ...that is exactly how my life has enhanced through the medium of life coaching

Alhamadulillah... A big Jazakallah khair to Johara!!!!

I found myself and my worth

Sabihah Adikary

Before meeting Johara, I refused to believe that I had worth because of years of bullying and me keeping myself in that headspace. Johara taught me to forgive myself so that I can realize my full potential.

You've helped me heal from past trauma

Anonymous - KZN

My sessions with you have made me realise that past trauma does not have to define my life, and that healing is possible to achieve a greater and more fulfilling life.

You have helped me to discover that fear and anxiety are obstacles that can be overcome. I have gained tools to help me eradicate negative thinking and enhance my relationships. The personalised exercises, designed to heal from trauma, assisted me in releasing negative energy.

You have helped to navigate through emotional pain by being supportive and encouraging. You have guided me to know my self-worth thereby empowering me.

I particularly appreciated how you highlighted Islamic values, stories and recognition of gratitude to facilitate personal growth.

Jazakallah for making it possible for me to become a better version of myself. I wish you well in all of your endeavours.

Best 2 month investment

Tas. V

Jo'hara has been an absolute blessing in my life.
When I started the sessions with Jo'hara, my anxiety was at its worst. I can safely say that Alhamdullilah, after 2 months I finally feel like myself.
I've learnt more in these 2 months about myself then I ever have. Being a newly married 24 year old, life can be difficult to juggle with all the changes that come with marriage. Alhamdullilah, I finally feel like can I breathe again.

Inspiring and awakening

Shereen Vachiat

Truly an inspiring, awakening, self growth journey. Jo'hara has such positive energy that fills the air with light and happiness. Very interactive and lots of soul searching. I loved that lots of my questions were answered and I gained so many tools to deal with the daily stress of life. With these sessions, I was able to learn how to fill my own cup. Alhamdulillah Johara you are a remarkable woman. Keep inspiring.